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version 3.0.9000 (dev)

  • fix bug happening when providing a single Y variable to sglrTheme (issue #1)
  • allow to provide folds for cross validation defined by user (issue #2)
  • individual beta and gamma for themes were not properly computed (issue #5)
  • improve evaluation of linear predictors in theme function (issue #8)
  • remove dependency on expm package (issue #10)
  • error message for lack of convergence were improved and scglrCrossVal no longer stops when a fold does not converge (issue #12)
  • add a plot for scglrCrossVal
  • fix contrasts error in scglrTheme (issue #20)
  • fix some URL in docs
  • move from plsdepot::plsreg2 to pls::plsr to initialize mixed model components (issue #22)

New features

  • preliminary integration of code from SCnext/mixedSCGLR written by Jocelyn Chauvet (issue #11)
  • moved parallelization to future framework. Need future.apply package (issue #16)
  • added progress to scglrCrossVal and scglrThemeBackward functions using progressr package (issue #17)


  • parameter nfolds of scglrCrossVal as been renamed to folds and now accepts also vectors. For now a warning is issued and provided value is used but update your code as it will be removed in a next version.
  • parameter mc.cores of scglrCrossVal is now deprecated as of the move to future framework for parallelization.

version 3.0

CRAN release: 2018-09-28

This major version introduces a new feature allowing to group covariates in so called themes.

  • added scglrTheme and scglrThemeBackward to handle theme oriented selection
  • reworked multivariateFormula to handle themes
  • added new plots targeting themes


  • deprecated barplot in favor of screeplot (same parameters)

version 2.1

  • Removed LPLS legacy method
  • changed from ING to PING

version 2.0

CRAN release: 2014-07-17

  • New method is available : SR (Structural Relevance) see vignette
  • Major rewrite of plot styling (not backward compatible)
  • Various fixes and improvements (especially when dealing with a single dependant variable)

version 1.0

Initial version of SCGLR

  • method LPLS (Local PLS)